Howard Baker is expanding the role of a beauty professional by using his talents to provide a full array of services to his clientele.  A twenty year veteran of the beauty industry, Howard has not only become a master stylist whose goal is to enhance a woman's outer beauty, and a fashion consultant who transforms his clients by accentuating their unique beauty but also a personal concierge. 

This honor's graduate of Arnold International University of Cosmetology in Atlanta, Georgia is an impeccable stylist, expert at precision cutting, and hair care specialist.  He has a loyal clientele of professional women for whom individualized hair care and alluring hairstyles are a must. He encourages husbands to take part in their wives image maintenance through education and providing gift services.

Howard was a member of All Hair Types Consortium, a group of business professionals that won the bid to build and staff the salon operation of the Olympic Hair Salon during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. He's traveled extensively as an educator conducting workshops and hair seminars across the country.  

Through JoiB’yon Howard is expanding the role of a beauty advisor by offering personalized concierge services to his clientele.  In a highly competitive beauty industry, Howard understands that a woman's total image encompasses more than her hair, clothes but also her environment.  As a personal concierge, he assists the working professional woman with special event styling, wardrobe analysis, and other beauty related services.  In the near future, JoiB’yon will become a full-service spa that will include personalized hair care, personal concierge, and imaging.

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